The Pedagogy

The methodology is based on next generation and blended learning approaches where content and instruction are delivered through digital and online media in conjunction with more traditional means. In the fashion of alternative and non-formal education, "learning", not "teaching" is considered to be the central focus. It is around this center (i.e. "learning") that resources (i.e. staff, students, infrastructure, etc.) is arranged.

Our approach to learning integrates content across subjects, values mistakes as creative opportunities, and uses applied and real-world situations to improve and make learning accessible. It gives students the opportunity to explore what tools and technical know-how are required to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Areas of Study

Our model of learning-by-doing centers on entrepreneurial education that combines practical study and studio work at the intersection of business, design, technology and communication. This instructional program will give students the necessary tools and techniques to chart new solutions to everyday business practices.

The curriculum seeks to provide a seamless integration of traditional practices and cutting edge technology with the objectives of introducing students to four areas of study:


Design and design thinking provide a way of seeing that is holistic, multi-disciplinary and challenges students to take risks and push the boundaries of their traditional craft.


Business is the component of the curriculum that engages students to examine the fundamentals of marketing, management and entrepreneurship.


Introduces the use of computer, mobile devices and instructional software that enhances the acquisition of design, communications and business skills.


Communication is concerned with developing skills in all substantive areas; it includes English-as-a-second language, business writing and media communication

Collectively, these areas of study provide the building blocks for entrepreneurial learning, creativity and design innovation. They integrate strategies for acquiring cultural, technical and team competencies as well as for supporting digital and media literacy. The the detailed outline of the present curriculum of the School may be downloaded here.