The Concept

“Karghewale” is an initiative that is especially close to our hearts. The idea was simple, even proverbial, in its approach. Individually, the alumni of The Handloom School are talented young artisans with entrepreneurial dreams. But, together, they are stronger. Together, they have a face. Together, they can really leave a mark on the landscape of sustainable fashion.

The “Karghewale” initiative of WomenWeave brings all graduate weavers of the School from all over India under a single identity. This gives them the leverage to circumvent the age-old impediments of commission agents in the value chain, and reach out to national and international markets directly.

The Karghewale brand, though setup under its aegis, is separate from our WomenWeave branded products. The Karghewale line encapsulates all such products that were not only woven by the alumni of The Handloom School by designed by them as well. The weaving happens at their own individual home workshops, and it is the weavers themselves who bear the entire cost of the production, from purchase of raw materials to finishing of products. Every “Karghewale” product, thus, narrates a story – a “coming-of-age” story, where an artisan dreams of overcoming neatly stacked odds to realise their potential as proud ambassadors of the Indian handloom weaving tradition. Quite fittingly, all Karghewale-branded products are priced by the artisans themselves. WomenWeave simply plays the role of a mentor in giving them occasional design feedback and guiding them on quality control parameters. With Karghewale, our artisans truly take on the mantle of the maker, and not merely weavers.

Though a brand in its own right, Karghewale evokes a design and quality ethos similar to WomenWeave, expected of a brand where the building blocks are artisans carefully selected and meticulously mentored by WomenWeave itself.

What is in it for the customers?

Karghewale line of products is suitable for designers and bulk buyers, as well as, for the casual connoisseur.

The Handloom School has till date trained 113 weavers from 12 states of India. With Karghewale, buyers and connoisseurs of handloom thus get the opportunity to explore exquisite selections of bespoke handwoven textiles from 12 states of India in a single platform. Every “Karghewale” piece is a testament of the signature artistry and expert design skills of our graduate weavers. What makes this unique value proposition even more lucrative is the affordability factor. Given that the prices are set by the makers themselves, the products are offered at compelling prices, making them affordable to a vast section of business (B2B) buyers, as well as, casual shoppers.

Wholesale Purchases

The products are offered on wholesale at two prices: the producer price, and the aggregator price.

The producer price is the price that the artisan has set for their product. To avail the producer price the order must be placed to the artisan directly with WomenWeave simply creating the bridge for the producer and the customer to interact with each other. The purchase order is taken up by the artisan directly, and she alone is responsible for executing the order. The coordination happens between the producer and the customer, and in no stage of the process is WomenWeave involved directly, except at a mentoring level if the alumnus finds the need for some guidance. The onus of timely execution lies with the artisans, and WomenWeave, in this case, is neither responsible for the delivery of the products nor quality assurance. Rest assured, though. Each of our alumni each is equipped with the same level of professionalism and steadfast adherence to quality that has come to represent WomenWeave, courtesy of their tenure as students of the School, and they are perfectly capable of handling independent orders.

Aggregator price applies when a client would rather have WomenWeave manage the execution of the order, than interact with the artisan directly. In such cases, WomenWeave assumes complete responsibility of quality and timely delivery. In other words, the order is still placed with the concerned artisans, but with the WomenWeave assurance in place. While the production still remains decentralised, WomenWeave keeps tabs on each of the processes to ensure the same quality standards are followed as with all WomenWeave branded products. The final quality check is done by WomenWeave in its workshop at Maheshwar, from where the products are shipped to the customer. For its services, WomenWeave would add an aggregator margin on the producer price, which is the final aggregator price for the customer.

Retail Purchases

Karghewale line of products are available for retail purchase in all WomenWeave exhibitions. Retail prices are different from producer and aggregator price.

All one-off purchases would be considered to be retail purchases, and are subject to the availability of the product with the artisan.