Welcome to The Handloom School

In today’s world, business practices have changed dramatically. Yet young weavers have no opportunity to advance their personal technical, business and design skills because they are trapped in a cycle of dependency and low literacy. More than 4 million people are employed today in India’s handloom weaving sector, yet there are very few academic institutions that guide and train traditional weavers for today’s new business needs.

As a result, even talented weavers are increasingly disillusioned by their craft. They are in dire need of an institution that addresses their traditional qualifications, which are intuitive rather than academic. A high percentage of weavers, particularly younger ones, are leaving handloom because they perceive their hereditary profession to be both non-remunerative and unfashionable.

Fear of not finding handloom weavers in next 30 years might not be an exaggeration!

WomenWeave through The Handloom School (THS) initiative is nurturing young weavers to make the most of their heritage, to deal directly with the market, to understand market trends and to value their rich heritage.  And to be very proud of themselves.

Read how graduates of  The Handloom School are transforming handloom from a sunset industry into a strong sunrise story for India and for the world.